Meet Up and Eat Up is a collaborative movement to ensure that all children have access to healthy meals three times a day, 365 days a year. Many families rely on free and reduced-price lunch during their school year, and look for ways to ensure that their children are well nourished when school is out. That’s where Meet Up and Eat Up comes in! We partner with schools, recreation centers, libraries, churches and more – places where kids already spend their time – to provide kids ages 18 and younger with healthy meals at no cost to the family or the organization!

What is Meet Up and Eat Up?

Meet Up and Eat Up is a community space where kids 18 and under can play with friends and eat nutritious meals at no cost.

There are hundreds of Meet Up and Eat Up sites throughout Greater Detroit.

Meet Up and Eat Up ensures kids have healthy food during summer vacation.


Who can participate?

Children who are 18 years or younger can participate. People over the age of 18 who also participate in school programs for people with mental or physical disabilities are also eligible to participate. There are no income requirements and there is no application for Meet Up and Eat Up. All kids are welcome!


Where can I find the site closest to my home?

Text FOODMI to 877877 or call 2-­‐1-­‐1. Sites will start serving food once school is out on summer vacation. Sites can be found at schools, parks, libraries, recreation centers and churches, etc.


I don’t have kids, but I want to get involved. What can I do to help?

Volunteer! Our most successful Meet Up and Eat Up sites have organized, well-­‐run activities that keep kids coming back to the site day-­‐after-­‐day. Some of these activities include arts and crafts, tutoring, mentoring, drama, sports, music, gardening, reading programs, cooking or any other creative ideas you may have. Many sites have enlisted local fire and police departments, celebrities, businesses and political figures to make presentations to their Meet up and Eat Up sites. The only limitation is your imagination. Contact us at to volunteer.

Help us spread the word about the program! Tell your friends to call 2-­‐1-­‐1 or text FOODMI to 877877 if they have kids that could use the program. The biggest problem we face is that people don’t know about their local site.


I am a caretaker for multiple kids. Can all the kids I watch eat at a Meet Up and Eat Up site?

Yes. All are welcome!


Are the meals really healthy?

Meal providers must follow nutrition guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to make sure that meals are healthy.


Who runs the program?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture funds the program at the Federal level.

The Michigan Department of Education administers the program at the State level.

United Way for Southeastern Michigan administers the program for Greater Detroit.

Local organizations like schools and community organizations sponsor the program by partnering with the Michigan Department of Education. They serve meals at Meet Up and Eat Up sites like churches, libraries, schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, and many other locations across the state.


Where can I get more information?

Learn about the work we are doing in Southeastern Michigan to make sure No Kid goes Hungry at

Learn about summer meals at the Federal level at

Learn about summer meals at the State level at


Why Summer Food Sites Matter

In Detroit, when school is on break during the summer months, all 190,000 children living in the city are all eligible to participate in summer meal programs, but less than 15% of these children currently access a summer meal. Meet Up and Eat Up is answering the call to ensure that all kids 18 and younger can access healthy, tasty meals, at no cost to them, right in their neighborhoods.

57.3% of Kids in Detroit live in poverty

In Southeastern, MI, 324,000 kids are eligible for free and reduced price school meals during the school year -­‐ about 230,000 take advantage of the program. 212,915 calls to 211 were from people looking for information about food. 1 in 5 kids in metro-­‐Detroit (322,763) rely on Food Stamps

Meet Up and Eat Up can ensure that no kids go hungry during the summer in metro-­‐Detroit.